Globe Business Cloud Solutions: An unsung hero to a fast-food giant's BPO partner

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) - A home food drop is less risky than dining in food establishments amid the pandemic. But not all fast food chains and restaurants were able to adapt to the surge of online deliveries.

One of the reasons behind this was the heavy reliance on on-premise infrastructure, which required companies to invest heavily in space, equipment, frequent maintenance, and personnel -- a great challenge when office access became limited due to the pandemic.

"Multiple lockdowns made it difficult to manage our on-premise servers. Our infrastructure needed to be replaced, with our equipment requiring round-the-clock upkeep and maintenance in spite of the IT teams operating at full capacity," shared Patricia Calope, Managing Director of MDS Call Solutions, Inc. (MDSCSI).

Among their biggest clients is fast-food giant McDonald's that, fortunately, has been constantly future-proofing its services, including its customer support.

"Even before the lockdown, McDonald's had been investing in strengthening its delivery business across different channels. This, together with MDSCSI's more robust infrastructure, helped McDelivery benefit from having a strong ecosystem when the lockdown required customers to enjoy their McDonald's favorites from the safety and comfort of their homes," Calope added.

What saved the BPO from big losses was Globe Business's Cloud services, providing MDSCSI with AWS Virtual Private Cloud.

"Disasters like the pandemic happened very quickly and caught many companies by surprise," said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. "For companies without the Cloud, their employees were not allowed to work and therefore could not access their systems. Those with their systems on the Cloud, on the other hand, could access their information even if they had to work from home."

Maquera cited video conferencing platform Zoom as an example, saying it went from 10 million customers to 300 million customers. "They would not have been able to adjust this way without the Cloud. It would have taken a much longer time to procure new equipment, find more space and hire new people," he added.

MDSCSI praised Globe Business for its Cloud Solutions, which enabled the former’s workforce to respond to calls for McDonald's delivery orders and develop the software that ensures delivery orders are processed efficiently. The contact center also did not have to invent anything new during the lockdown but, instead, enjoyed optimized ordering channels and operations to ensure the continued service to their clients' customers.

"If it weren't for Globe's assistance, we would've lost many business opportunities, as it was becoming clear that infrastructure was not enough to help our company scale with demand," Calope added.

Globe Business continues to support enterprises with digital solutions that help future-proof companies via cloud solutions; secure business outcomes using cybersecurity; establish first-world connectivity; and inspire collaboration through a growing list of remarkable business applications.

Globe believes a path towards a "braver tomorrow" is one that need not be faced alone. With the help of its globally-recognized partners, adept teams, and the trust of its customers, Globe Business is ready to shape a braver and better future, today.

Explore pandemic-proof digital initiatives you can achieve with a partner you can rely on. Visit the Globe Business website at to learn more about how it can help you digitally transform your company's future.