‘The Legend of Tarzan’ returns, albeit unremarkably

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — You may be familiar with the Disney Tarzan, the animated film of the swinging wild man raised by apes in the jungle with the music of Phil Collins in the background.

But the latest retelling of The Legend of Tarzan is anything but music and Disney story lines.

The titular character is played by Alexander Skarsgård, of True Blood fame, and is backed by an impressive supporting cast of Margot Robbie, who plays Jane Porter, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The story takes place after Tarzan comes back to England, but is called back to the wilderness where his fantastic tales were first spun.

Director David Yates, who was the man behind the final four entries of the Harry Potter film series, is able to encourage his actors to deliver committed and strong performances.

But unfortunately, that was not enough to overshadow the shortcomings of the entire film.

From a visual standpoint, the CGI (computer-generated imagery) isn’t what you would call awe-inspiring. But the film does have its moments when it veers away from the CGI.

Pace is also an issue as the story unfolds, with the climactic moments being served to the audience at a frantic, sometimes confusing rate.

The film isn’t without its merits, apart from the dedicated performances the actors, the origins of Tarzan are fairly well fleshed out in an interesting manner.

But as a whole, The Legend of Tarzan is an unremarkable piece that fails to fully utilize the star power it has in its arsenal.