'We're in the endgame now': Netizens cut off friends, family over 'Avengers' spoilers

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"Avengers: Endgame" spoilers apparently have been the deciding factor between keeping or silencing friendships, at least in the online scene. (FILE PHOTO)

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 25) — "Avengers" mania has not only taken over social media but has been the actual “endgame” for even the closest of ties among netizens.

Facebook and Twitter users alike have posted on their accounts saying they have removed acquaintances or “unfriended” those who have shared scenes and vital points from the movie “Avengers: Endgame” just a day after it premiered.

Swarms of movie-goers stormed cinemas worldwide for the much-awaited release of the culmination of a long series from the Marvel cinematic franchise on Wednesday. In the Philippines, tickets were already sold out days prior to the opening date.

However, not everyone has seen the movie. This leaves room for anxious waiting time for those who have scheduled their movie-watching dates later than the premiere. Anxious, because as history tells it, the internet could be clamoring with details or commonly known as “spoilers” as soon as the opening day itself.

This apparently has been the deciding factor between keeping or silencing friendships, at least in the online scene.

Other users are counting off how many friends they’ve chosen to cut off from their lives. Some have even reached the 15 mark.

The count off continues for some.

Not even family members are safe from the relationship endgame.

One netizen has even drawn the border on a person’s “relevance” in his life depending on whether they spoil the movie or not.

Netizens have also threatened to end their relationship beyond social media, to the extent that they would avoid all communication with them.

Why are they angry?

Marvel has been building up the release of the "Avengers" finale, after leaving what seemed like a dead end for the remaining characters in the last installment. Some fans are expecting redemption for the deceased heroes but directors and actors have kept mum.

However, the directors issued a plea to all fans, asking them not to ruin the movie experience by revealing key scenes online. This only sparked more curiosity and excitement. The hashtag #Don’tSpoiltheEndgame was a hot topic on Twitter.

“Thanos still demands your silence,” warned the Russo Brothers, referring to the deadly movie villain.