Veteran YouTuber Mikey Bustos shares tips for aspiring vloggers

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YouTube content creator Mikey Bustos

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 16) — Mikey Bustos' online success has been phenomenal, winning over millions of fans and followers globally.

It pays that he was among the early "migrants" in video blogging, having joined video sharing platform YouTube in September 2006.

Now, his original channel has 1.23 million subscribers. His separate channel, MikeyBustosVlogs, has close to 300,000 followers, while his other science-related vlog AntsCanada is being trailed by close to 3.8 million internet users.

It helped that he had some following after his singing debut on the first season of the reality show "Canadian Idol" when he was in Toronto, but that was just something to get him started.

Bustos revealed some tricks of the trade to get others to replicate his success.

1. 'Pump the content'

Bustos admits that he did not have a concrete idea of what his niche would be when he started his YouTube channel. He only figured it out through trial and error.

"The way I started was I did halo-halo lang [just a wild mix]. I uploaded lots of videos about different things, and then I just followed what the audience liked," he told CNN Philippines' Rico Hizon.

It was the same tip which he shared with singer Zsa Zsa Padilla, who has also started her own channel. In two months, she has earned nearly 80,000 subscribers.

2. Study the data

Another crucial step in discovering the channel's brand or market is to look at the statistics.

"You can study the analytics and you can tell how many people are watching your video and at what point of the video are they clicking off... You can study your content and then adapt to what the audience wants," the 39-year-old internet sensation said. "Eventually, you will find yourself narrowing down your content topics.

His first account, MikeyBustosVideos, has become a go-to channel for lighthearted content that's sure to give a chuckle. Filipinos can particularly relate to him, while those who live abroad may feel a bit nostalgic about home.

Among his most popular clips are localized parody music videos as well as tutorials on how to speak Filipino.

3. Learn to monetize

Apart from showing off one's creativity and freedom, Bustos also acknowledged that vlogging can be a viable profit stream. However, that all depends on a producer's reach.

He cited Google AdSense, which pays YouTube creators for ad space on their videos. These are the small pop-up ads that hover at the bottom of the screen or play in the middle of videos. However, Bustos said the earnings depend on how many viewers you have and where they are watching the video from.

Another option is to generate merchandise – think shirts and souvenirs carrying the channel's brand.

"The secret really is just to keep uploading content that can somehow touch lives, teach people something, entertain them — especially at this new age when everyone's at home and bored," Bustos said.