Vlogging sensation Nas Daily stresses value of conversation in today’s world

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 24) – As the world faces tough times due to the pandemic, famous video blogger Nuseir Yassin a.k.a. Nas Daily emphasized the need to talk about issues that matter to people from all walks of life.

“I was watching the news. The world is not doing well,” Yassin told CNN Philippines’ Rico Hizon on Thursday.

The 28-year old Harvard economics graduate recently ventured from making human-interest videos to podcasting, where his Nas Talks podcast centers on various issues that stir conversations from people.

Yassin underscored the need to have in-depth discussions on various topics that concern everyone, inspired by his observations from his vlogs that people prefer to focus on words he used in his videos.

“At the end of the day, it’s the words that matter. Not the camera, nothing else,” he said.

Yassin added people should engage in relevant conversations on a wide range of topics, including political issues impacted by the ongoing global crisis.

“I grew up in politically charged stuff,” said Yassin, who is of Israeli-Arab descent.

On his second Nas Talks podcast episode which discussed online content creators becoming sources of news and information, Yassin had an insightful exchange with his guest, popular Filipino-American vlogger Wil Dasovich.

Dasovich told Yassin in the podcast that he stays away from political matters because he might upset a group of people with his personal views. But Yassin rebutted in their friendly talk that being updated with current events does not connote negativity.

“News doesn't have to be a bad thing," he told Dasovich. "Just to clarify, when I talk about news I don't just say the bad things. I mean, like I learn something about the world from you. If you want to make it positive, then it's positive. If you want to make it negative, then it's negative.”

Yassin stressed that his healthy discussion with Dasovich on his podcast shows the need to communicate in order to understand different perspectives of people on issues that matter.

“It got people to talk," Yassin said. "If I can do something with someone that gets you to talk, I have succeeded. The world needs to converse more. We don’t just want to fight or play video games, we want to talk.”

He also reminded fellow online content creators to still be responsible in initiating intelligent conversations using their platforms amid the uncertain times.