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Latest Articles

Metro Manila Mayors seek broader cash aid coverage

Metro Manila Mayors are appealing to the Social Welfare Department to include more families int the cash aid program. The Metro Manila Council to which they belong has passed a resolution for this purpose. They say the number of poor families in Metro Manila does not match with the national government's approved list of family beneficiaries.

WHO warns against global shortage of nurses

At a time when health workers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization notes that the world will have to employ 6 million more nurses in ten years to achieve global health development targets.

TIMELINE: The COVID-19 response money trail

The Philippine government and private donors stepped up with billions of pesos worth of aid to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. How much money has been poured into the government’s response and what are we spending on? We follow the money trail.

Why black Americans are at higher risk for coronavirus

Black Americans have more existing medical issues, less access to health care, and are more likely to work in unstable jobs — all factors that have made the coronavirus pandemic disproportionately hurt blacks more.

Govt. taps religious group facility for mass quarantine

The government is bracing for tough days ahead finding ways to help hospitals overcrowded with COVID-19 patients. It is now tapping the sprawling property of a religious group in Bulacan, north of Metro Manila as another mass quarantine facility.

Reducing child abuse during a pandemic

Two child abuse experts say parents and caregivers need to talk with their children, try to reduce their own stress and stay connected to their community, to reduce abuse in a time of great upheaval.