Philippines tops Pornhub’s 2018 year in review for longest time watching porn

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The Philippines also had the highest volume of female visitors at 38 percent.

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — Pornhub has been doing statistical analysis of their website for six years now and it has never ceased to amaze. In 2017, the porn site revealed that the top three trending searches included “Porn for Women,” “Ricky and Morty” and — it gets weirder — “Fidget Spinners.”

This year, the number of viewers going to their website continues to rise, totalling to 33.5 billion visitors — an increase of 5 billion from their 2017 count.

In terms of highest daily traffic, the United States still tops the list, but lo and behold, the Philippines reached the top 10 this year, climbing three spots from last year. The Philippines also tops the list of the longest time spent on Pornhub, clocking in at 13 minutes and 50 seconds. This may or may not be because of our slow internet connection, but that’s besides the point.

It should be mentioned that Pornhub, as well as other sites like Xvideos, have been blocked in the Philippines by some internet service providers under the grounds of anti-child pornography laws.

Pornhub also found that among the top 20 countries with the most traffic, the Philippines had the highest volume of female visitors at 38 percent, followed by Brazil and South Africa at 35 percent. The term “Pinay” is still the most searched word in the Philippines since 2016. Other most searched words or phrases in the country are “Japanese wife,” “Japanese,” and “Anime hentai uncensored.”

For the third year in a row, Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa is still the most searched pornstar in the Philippines. Pornhub’s data also show that the Philippines, as compared to other countries, is 124 percent more likely to watch “reality” videos.

It’s also fascinating how Pornhub found that whenever there’s an event that is of much public interest, there would also be a spike in their searches. For instance, when the information of Donald Trump sleeping with Stormy Daniels resurfaced, searches for Stormy Daniels on Pornhub increased. Whenever she was on the news, the numbers would also blow up.

This phenomenon spilled into the gaming world as well. The online video game “Fortnite” was a big hit this year, and Pornhub’s analytics shows that whenever there was a new character released, searches on Pornhub would also increase.

Surprisingly (or not?), Kim Kardiashian’s sex tape is still the website’s most watched video of all time with a total of 195 million views.

Pornhub’s 2018 year in review is not only a good sociological study of a population’s human and sexual behavior, it also makes us ruminate on what makes us who we are even if we hide acts, such as porn-watching, from the rest of the world.