Dr. Gia Sison dishes love and life advice on her new online show

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On Sept. 20, Dr. Gia Sison will be venturing into new grounds as the host of her very own digital series on CNN Philippines, “G Talks.” Photo by JL JAVIER

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — “[My] Twitter [account] may be my own small contribution to this world,” says Dr. Gia Sison, the doctor-turned-Twitter persona whose nearly 100,000 followers tune into her account for life and love advice, “[It’s a reminder] that there's still that bit of positivity that can happen.”

Doc G, as her followers often call her, has also dabbled into vlogging on YouTube, where her videos entitled “How to deal with no label relationships” and “How to stop overthinking” are up beside videos like her doing the spicy noodle challenge while she talks about communication. It’s no surprise why she’s often referred to as the “Millennial Tita.”

Sison is a fierce advocate for mental health awareness, having personally gone through a period of depression herself as she underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was around this time when she signed up for Twitter to share her thoughts and eventually reached out to other people who were also going through a hard time. Today, she continues to do so by maintaining her online community, where she is able to extend a hand to those in need.

“It kind of built up from there until it became my persona already [that] it's a battle that I fight with them,” she says. “There's a lot of people who really need help; they're just too scared of the stigma that's behind it. Me, I'm encouraging them to talk about it because it also encourages others who are kind of scared to at least say, ‘I'm not alone.’”

When asked how she is able to connect with her mostly millennial and Gen Z fanbase, she says that it is important to really listen and to avoid judging.

“I'm not a fan of judging. I really respect how they feel,” she says. “For me, nothing is too petty. Your issues may not be my issues but it doesn't mean it's invalid. You feel it eh, that's the purpose of feelings.”

As a doctor, mental health advocate, blogger, vlogger, and Twitter persona, you’d think Doc G already has her hands full. But by Sept. 20, she’ll be venturing into new but familiar grounds as the host of her very own digital series on CNN Philippines, “G Talks.”

“Just imagine that I went out of Twitter and I start to literally, physically talk to you about the issues that I always post in words,” says Sison.

The series will tackle topics that she often encounters in her online exchanges, such as communication and commitment in relationships, as well as her own past experiences. Sison says that the series will cover “things that you're [too] scared to talk about,” such as questions about life, love, relationships, career, and academics.

“Everything that really matters to people, we'll discuss it on ‘G Talks,’” she adds.

In true Doc G fashion, she shared with us an important piece of advice. This, she says, is what helped her get through some of the toughest months of her life as she underwent chemotherapy:

“Appreciate the little things you have in life. Kasi we always look for something that's more but we fail to see what's already there,” she says. “Be grateful. It's okay to look for some things. That's life naman eh. But sometimes if it really gets the better of you, it really pays to always have an attitude of gratitude and just appreciate what you have in the now, and that you have to accept that things are meant to happen.”


“G Talks” premieres on Sept. 20 at 2 p.m. on