These spooky tweets from #ManilaEncounters might keep you up all night

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From spooky to funny to weird, here are our favorite Manila Encounters. Illustration by TIM LOPEZ

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — What started out as an RPG exercise to crowdsource stories set in a fantasy Manila turned into a trending movement on Twitter over the past few days. Mixing the busy, urban setting of Metro Manila with the lore of Filipino mythology, as well as our abundance of urban legends, superstitions, pop culture, and strange beliefs, users turned the hashtag #ManilaEncounters into a speculative fiction writing prompt that birthed a ton of short form gems ranging from funny to downright horrifying. Think of it as the NoSleep Reddit thread, only set in such a familiar setting that one or two tweets are bound to send chills down your spine.

We’ve compiled our favorite #ManilaEncounters tweets below, which are best enjoyed reading late at night, perhaps on your commute home as you speculate whether the creatures beside you are real or not.