Cousins, job hunting, networking: Tinder matches gone wrong

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While people on Tinder hope for a happily ever after, some Tinder matches end in a hilariously horrifying failure. Illustration by JL JAVIER

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — The dating game drastically changed when people started to go online to find their one true match. People do not really need to go out anymore or wait on their friends to set them up to meet people.

In just the comfort of their own homes or even when they are bored on their daily commutes, with just the swipe of a finger and a bold first message, they can immediately find a match that may lead to a real life romance.

Dating apps such as Tinder make all of these possible with just a click of a button. For those whose stories went wrong, though it’s too late to swipe left, they just decided to share their stories on platforms like Reddit so that others can learn from their mistakes and mismatches.

Here are a few:

Family relations

One Tinder user got the shock of his life when he found out that his match was not really who he thought she was.

Over one year ago, a Reddit user shared that he matched with this “really decent” girl who went to the same university he was in, which made things really convenient. He said that they became fast friends and attended several parties after their initial meet up. This went on for a few weeks — up until they found out that they were actually cousins.

Everything immediately became awkward and he claimed that the fact that they had different last names did not help their situation either.

Job offers

Another Tinder user went to Reddit to share his one-of-a-kind experience with a Tinder match that went wrong. He claimed that he tried the app once but he was not planning to meet anyone and was just there to experiment.

After using the app for a while, he got matched with a girl and they immediately clicked and talked through the app. One day, to change things up a bit, he decided to reply to her later than normal just to see how she would react, even going so far as to claim that he just came back from an international business meeting in Thailand.

This user claimed that his match got super impressed and curious about his business and the meeting he attended. But things took an abrupt turn when his match started asking him about possible job vacancies in his company.

His match never stopped asking him about it and eventually, he had to uninstall the app just to disconnect with her.

Job hunting

Although it is a dating app, it seems like some users really go on Tinder to look for potential job vacancies and this one user encountered this not once, but twice before he eventually quit the app.

This Tinder user went on Reddit to share that the first girl he met and dated on the app ended up asking him to hire her in his company. He adamantly refused though since he knows that this may lead to legal issues and possible business ethics problems.

He then had a similar encounter with a second girl that he met through the app. This time, the lady in question was working at a BPO in Makati but lived near the airport. The user said that she kept on asking him for a job and would not stop bothering him about it even though he said that he was working for a company based in Mindanao. Eventually, he had to block her to put an end to things.

When it seemed like the online dating scene was not working out well in his favor anymore, he finally met a girl at the gym who turned out to be everything he’d hoped for. He shared that he eventually deleted all of his dating apps but he will never forget those experiences.

Networking portal

Although Tinder is used to meet people on a friendship or romantic level, it seems as if some use it to find potential business partners instead.

One Tinder user went on Reddit to share how one date from the app became a business proposition in the end. The user claimed that her match asked her out on a coffee date at a nearby Starbucks; but when she arrived, her date just ended up inviting her to join his business venture — he even brought some of the products he was selling with him to their supposed date.

After the post was published, another user shared that he had a very similar experience. This time, the user was invited to meet with his Tinder match at a nearby fast food chain. What welcomed him when he arrived though was not just his date, but a group of people who tried to get him to join their business venture. It’s safe to say that he definitely went home disappointed.