Which Pinoy barkada do you belong to?

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Are your group of your friends your officemates, your high school barkada, or your road trip buddies? Illustrations by MICH CERVANTES

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — The barkada is a Filipino essential. Due to Filipinos’ sociable nature, you might even find yourself with multiple groups of friends at some point in your life.

Especially with this generation, the concept of a barkada has evolved from merely being the motley crew you hang out with during class breaks into more nuanced groups. They can now depend on how you met, where you meet, and what you do together.

Regardless of various types of barkadas, what completes any hang out is the perfect drink with a balance of flavor, quality, and price. For these barkada moments, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. has reformulated a new and improved Primera Light Brandy — creating a drink with flavorful notes of vanilla and caramel courtesy of imported ingredients from Spain.

This light brandy drink has also bagged back-to-back-to-back awards by Monde Selections from 2016 to 2018; yet, even with its award-winning, international quality, this drink stays affordable and is conveniently sold in major supermarkets, convenience stores, to sari-sari stores.

The affordability of the brandy also allows patak-patak or ambagan — the classic chip-in system for drinking sessions — to happen without a fret. Light on the wallet and on the palette, it’s the perfect drinking accompaniment for a night of catching up with friends of all kinds.

Find out if you see yourself in any or all of these different types of barkadas below.

Illustration by MICH CERVANTES

Gig buddies

The gig scene in Metro Manila has never been so alive. You can always find a good lineup of artists on a Friday night, from your neighborhood bar in Katipunan Avenue to the holes-in-the-wall pubs in Poblacion.

Gigs also serve as a meeting place for people who share the same music taste as you do. Have a couple of drinks with them and those familiar faces can easily turn into people you can depend on for good company on a night of great music. Instead of keeping their phones up for during the artist’s performance, these music lovers are in the crowd singing and dancing their heart out.

Afterward, it’s mandatory to share a light drink like Primera Light Brandy with each other to spazz over the last artist’s set. Before the night even ends, your gig buddies are already talking about the next gig for the following week.

Illustration by MICH CERVANTES

Nomadic friends

The the Philippines never runs out of natural wonders to explore, from numerous surfing destinations like La Union, Zambales, and Siargao, to breathtaking mountain views in Rizal, Mountain Province, and Sagada. With the sheer amount of sights to discover, an out of town trip is on every barkada’s checklist and is considered a true test of friendship.

But there’s a specific group of people who treat traveling together like second nature. These seasoned nomads have an innate sense for piso fares and a skill for packing at the last minute to make any weekend getaway possible. Don’t call them tourists as they like to blend with the locals to get the most authentic experience the destination has to offer. Be assured that their weekend social media posts are filled with mountain sunrises or beach sunsets.

A toast with Primera Light Brandy in any location is the perfect way to end an out of town trip with a price that easily fits a travel budget without skimping on quality.

Illustration by MICH CERVANTES

Office buddies

Your officemates are the people you spend most of your waking hours with. They could be quite the departure from the crowd that you stuck around with back in college — but this isn’t entirely a bad thing. Your work barkada opens your eyes to new perspectives you never considered before, and they can be your go-to people for advice regarding any adulting question.

This is why it’s a surreal experience to go out and celebrate with your office buddies. Although the reasons for such an occasion vary from a promotion to splurging on your fresh paycheck, all work-talk is off the table to make room for good food, drinks, and laughs.

With classy drink like the new and improved Primera Light Brandy, the people whom you see crouched over their computer in their cubicles slowly let loose and transform into company you can relax with. It’s especially a sight to witness seeing how much meat they can eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant or listening to them showcasing their vocal skills in the nearby karaoke room.

Illustration by MICH CERVANTES

Gaming barkada

The gaming barkada is one of the more indefinable types of groups. You might not be able to pinpoint the exact moment you joined this group. It’s possible that a friend dragged you to be an extra for their group’s campaign or these people could have been another set of familiar faces in the neighborhood computer shop willing to join you in an online match.

Eventually, you find a constant set of people who immediately respond to your invites to your favored RPG or FPS game at whatever time of the night or early morning. The sense of camaraderie formed through defeating your opponents and earning your spot as the last team standing in PUBG can transition to rare but lively nights of playing together in real life.

Drinks are a must but lighter drinks such as Primera Light Brandy are preferred to not get in the way of your hand-eye coordination as you clear off the perimeter of any more enemies.

Illustration by MICH CERVANTES

The nightlife crew

Manila has a variety of nightlife selections that cater to a myriad of tastes. There are the obvious choices such as the clubs of the downtown district for those itching to let loose on the dancefloor after a long day of work. Conversely, there are the more relaxed yet eclectic bars, from Timog to Katipunan Avenue, for those in the mood to just exchange stories.

The people you surround yourself for a night out depend on where you’re going or vice versa. Wherever or whoever you decide on, the night doesn’t always have to end where it started. The party can overflow into someone’s living room for another round of drinks along with your choice of take out.

Regardless of the people you’re with, everyone appreciates a quality drink for an affordable price. A bottle of Primera Light Brandy served on the rocks can surely keep any party going.

Illustration by MICH CERVANTES

All-boys high school barkada

Barkadas come and go but the bond between high school friends from an all-boys school is unbreakable. These guys have had each other’s backs amidst family drama, crushes, exes, and mischievous adventures.

A high school barkada reunion is assured to happen as often as everyone’s work permits. Yet, no matter how long time has passed since the last one, it’s never awkward with the guys you grew up with.

These guys have experimented with any kind of liquor they could get their hands on back in the day as a rite of passage, from the cheaper liquors that get the job done to their dad’s special stash. Yet, get-togethers like these call for a special type of spirit.

Drinking Primera Light Brandy brings a bit more sophistication to the table of men reliving their days as boys. After hours of laughter, nostalgia, and heart-to-heart stories, you feel as if the weight of the world isn’t as heavy and more like old self.

Yet, this list only shows a fraction of the multitude of barkadas a Filipino can have in their lifetime. But with Primera Light Brandy, choosing the right bottle to bring for your barkada of the night goes without a problem. With its affordability, convenience, and quality, it’s the spirit loved by all and to be shared with all for any occasion.

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