Wordless Webcomics for Halloween: “Goodnight”

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Be wary of the patterns in your room — even when the lights are on. Illustration by EV YU

In time for Halloween, CNN Philippines Life will be publishing a Creepy Wordless Webcomics special every week by emerging and prominent Filipino comic creators and illustrators.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — “The appeal of wordless comics for me is it usually opens cold and guides you with clues,” says zine maker and illustrator Ev Yu, who’s the first in our lineup of Wordless Webcomics creators. For her, wordless comics are “engaging but not accommodating” and that the “gradual build up of a mood/emotion makes a comic very memorable for me rather than a grand plot twist.”

Her work, simply called “Goodnight,” taps into a very primal fear — the monsters hiding underneath the bed or in the corner of the room. As we spend most of our time cooped up inside our houses these days because of the quarantine, this fear may become amplified.

She says, “'Goodnight' is about how things that give us comfort become agents of horror. Like the stripe wallpaper and the comfy socks will eventually eat [the character] up. And whenever the lights are on, these things become more vicious.”

The feeling of unease, even when the lights are on, is palpable in Yu’s webcomic, having been influenced by a lot of horror films growing up.

“I grew up watching 'Tales From the Crypt' and 'Twilight Zone' on T.V. and listening to 'Gabi ng Lagim' on the radio,” she says. “I also recall having VHS copies of 'Children of the Corn,' 'Misery,' 'The Thing,' 'The Fly' and 'They Live.'”

Among Yu’s recommendations for creepy books are:

“Wall of Flesh” by Bob Powell
“The Green Hand and Other Stories” by Nicole Claveloux
“Ghosts, Etc.” by George Wylesol
“Uzumaki” by Junji Ito, and
“El Borbah” by Charles Burns

Read the webcomic below.