Barkada hack: How to set up a successful e-numan session

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From finding the right drink to fuel the barkada, figuring out the best video calling app, and setting the agenda, here are five things to keep in mind about your next e-numan. Illustration by AGU CRISOSTOMO

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — Socializing has never been this digital. With everyone stuck at home, it’s been a challenge to celebrate milestones, share personal news, or even just have a cathartic cry with friends. But thanks to the amazing technology of video calling, people have gotten creative — digital celebrations, known informally as “e-numans,” have become the new norm for all kinds of celebrations during this quarantine season. Given that it’s a totally new concept, there may be some things to know in order to make the most out of these new social gatherings. From finding the right brandy for your cocktails drink to fuel the barkada, figuring out the best video calling app, and setting the agenda, here are five things to know about your next e-numan.

Illustration by AGU CRISOSTOMO

The basics

Of course, you have to prepare the essential items before you even start the e-numan. The first rule is to have the right alcoholic drink to add life to the party. We suggest to serve light brandy as it an easier, enjoyable drink and can definitely make the session longer. Our newest discovery? Primera Light Brandy! A light, smooth, and aromatic brandy drink made with imported ingredients at a price you can afford to have everyday. Once you’ve got your gear, it’s time to set a date with your friends. Since most people are still working from home, the weekend would be the best time to do it. Just send an e-invite with a link to your video call. Totally hassle-free.

Illustration by AGU CRISOSTOMO

The apps to use

There are a few popular options for the app to use for video calls. Zoom is a preferred option for meetings, but it limits you to a 40-minute call if you’re more than two people in the chat. (You can have unlimited calls if you subscribe to their premium service.) Of course, there’s the classic Facebook Messenger that you can easily press “call” with your chat groups with a ton of fun features for the barkada. There’s also Hangouts, which Google recently announced will be free for a limited time, so that may be a better option to use.

Illustration by AGU CRISOSTOMO

Setting the agenda

You can always keep your e-numans simple — chatting with friends never gets old. But if you and your friends are keen on doing something new each time, there are a few ways to enjoy each other’s company. There are apps that allow you to stream the same movie simultaneously, or even game apps that you can play together. Someone can even go the extra mile and create a full experience for everyone, from recreating game shows to an interactive quiz night deck. For streaming, there’s always the usual suspects such as Netflix and HBO Go, which you can extend to a viewing party through browser apps such as Scener and Netflix Party. For quiz nights, there are apps such as Kahoot.

Illustration by AGU CRISOSTOMO

Know your crew

The best part of any inuman or e-numan is that everyone has a designated role. There’s always the organizer, who’s supposed to give the invite and think of the activities; the friend who passes out after a few drinks (thankfully, they’re on their bed); or the one who always disappears from time to time because their internet connection always hangs. Whether it’s planned or totally spontaneous, it’s what keeps the whole experience fun. Knowing your barkada’s personalities also helps you set the fun accordingly, whether it’s the drinks or the activities they’ll be willing to do.

Illustration by AGU CRISOSTOMO

Prepare your drinks

The best part of drinking at home is being able to make your own drinks. Knowing how versatile Primera Light Brandy is, you can go with something a little challenging like a Sidecar, or even a classic Spanish drink called Sangria. You can even make a fun game out of it with your friends: who can prepare your Primera Light Brandy cocktail in the shortest amount of time? That’ll definitely turn any e-numan into something a little more special.

To make the classic Sidecar, you’ll need 45ml Primera Light Brandy, 15ml triple sec, and 15 ml lemon juice (or calamansi juice). Mix with ice.

To make Red Sangria, you’ll need 60mL Primera Light Brandy, 30ml Orange juice, 60ml Apple juice, 45ml Lemon soda, 15ml Grenadine, 1 tbsp diced apple, 1 tbsp diced orange, and 1 tbsp diced grapes. Add ice, stir, and then add the diced fruits.