Esnyr Ranollo takes us behind the scenes of his hit classroom TikToks

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The viral Tiktok star says, “I am known to be the happy pill of the school because I am a former student leader...dun po parang na-practice on how to interact, on being open to everyone.” Photo from ESNYR RANOLLO/TIKTOK

With the mere prospect of face-to-face classes still up in the air given the current state of the country, it’s no wonder that Esnyr Ranollo’s 60-second skits of seemingly mundane Pinoy classroom moments are addicting and extremely relatable. His short TikTok videos depicting Filipino high school life remind those who lived through similar experiences of a simpler time in their lives, and give current students a glimpse of what they’re missing.

Like most young people who found fame on TikTok, Ranollo never expected to go viral. “This was all unplanned,” he says of his million-view skits. Ranollo attributes his spot-on portrayals to his time as a student council member back in high school, where he was able to observe his classmates and how they interacted with each other.

When asked what his title was back in high school, he replies with “the happy pill.” “People find me entertaining and funny and in a real classroom set-up, ako yung nagl-lighten ng mood ng classroom namin,” he shares.

In a video call with CNN Philippines Life, Ranollo tells us about when he started making TikToks, how much he values his life outside of social media, and why he usually takes a bath before shooting his videos.

More of Ranollo’s content on @esnyrrr.


Interview and video by SAMANTHA LEE