What type of cocktail are you?

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There’s a cocktail for every personality. Which exciting drink would you be? Illustrations by MIKA BACANI

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — There’s an infinite variety of cocktail mixes in the world, and it’s a good thing for a growing crowd with a thirst for new and exciting drinks. Whether it’s a simple or complicated cocktail, the best recipes call only for the best ingredients, such as GSM Premium Gin.

Made by the world's no. 1 selling gin, GSM Premium Gin is a homegrown brand with export quality. Its smooth finish makes it the perfect gin to accompany any cocktail that suits your mood and personality, whether you’re an urban sophisticate, a curious traveler, a digital nomad, a kickstarter/ go-getter, a fun intellectual, or a daydreamer (or perhaps all of these things at the same time).

Read below to find what’s the best cocktail for you.

Illustration by MIKA BACANI

For the urban sophisticate: Gin and Tonic

The gin and tonic is a classic and stylish drink, one that’s easy to make. And while you may likewise be classy, you don’t just make it look easy — for you, it’s effortless. In a world of fast trends and new things, you have an eye out for what will stay. It’s not that you have no imagination or you’re resistant to change. You just decided early on that there are things that will withstand the test of time, and that these are what the world will always fall back to — a bespoke suit, the little black dress, good manners, the least possible engagement on social media.

For you, to say or exude less means you have more room for what is essential, more space to make a quiet statement. But that doesn’t mean you strip things down to the basics. The secret is restraint in just the right amount to elevate an experience.

You believe the more things are refined, the better they are. Or that a stone is only as smooth as the time you took to polish it. Just like a gin and tonic: while making it is simple, that very simplicity has elevated it to an understated drink, perfected throughout the years. To make one, all you need to do is fill a glass with ice, add GSM Premium Gin, fill it with tonic water, stir, and a lemon or lime. Quick, simple, but timeless.

Illustration by MIKA BACANI

For the curious traveler: Red Snapper

The red snapper is not a fish, but another version of the brunch-favorite Bloody Mary. Some may even argue they’re the same thing! It doesn’t matter to you — the red snapper sounds weird, slightly familiar, and intriguing. But not too intriguing, like a drink with an actual fish. Nope. Not for you. That’s because you love adventure in the same way a person who can’t swim loves the sea: It’s great to breathe in the salty air by the beach, but by God, you will not get wet. And drown.

While some travelers go wild with experiences, you’re a little bit more safe and “I’m just glad to be here.” You want to see more of the world without the heart-stopping skydives or the risky back-alley tours. You want a glimpse of the Mona Lisa without squeezing in with the crowds. To experience the African safari from the safety of your guided tour. To get drunk in a foreign city, but to wake up comfortably the morning after. (Thank God for your amazing Airbnb.)

Only you can decide what your experience means for you. With the red snapper with GSM Premium Gin, you can have a cocktail adventure layered with exciting flavors to entice the taste buds. You can mix yourself one by filling a glass with ice, adding GSM Premium Gin, tomato juice and BBQ sauce, then following it up with Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Mix using a stirrer, top with salt and pepper, then garnish with fried bacon, pitted olives, and a cocktail onion. It’s your own exotic adventure in a glass.

Illustration by MIKA BACANI

For the digital nomad: Calamansi Surprise

The calamansi surprise is a mojito with an exciting twist. For bartenders, a mojito is supposedly a difficult drink to make, but one worth it when made right: slightly sweet and citrusy with a hint of mint, which makes it a refreshing option for the citizen of the world. Mixed with calamansi, it’s a drink perfect for you: a digital nomad with a purpose.

You live in the internet — and for you, it’s actually not a bad thing. You have taken shelter in its many spaces — LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — but you’re not quite the selfie-taking millennial. You do have an enviable digital portfolio and/or a clean, well-maintained website, updated semi-regularly with actual content and high-resolution photos. Real people (not bots), visit your website out of their own accord. You can’t count the number of friends you made online, as well as those you eventually met offline.

You’re not in it for the views: it’s just that the web is a fascinating and convenient place to speak out and document whatever’s going on with you right now. You probably taught yourself how to code and Photoshop from there, which is ideally what the internet should be used for. (Aside from uploading cute cat and dog videos.)

Since you’re so tech-savvy, you should try your hand at making the calamansi surprise with GSM Premium Gin. Here’s how: In a glass, add calamansi, basil leaves, and white sugar, and muddle until the calamansi juice is extracted. Fill the glass with ice, pour in GSM Premium Gin, top with lime soda and stir lightly.

Illustration by MIKA BACANI

For the kickstarter/go-getter: Ginspresso

The ginspresso is what you think it is: a cocktail drink with espresso and gin. It’s for people who silently nod to themselves when they read an article titled “Successful people wake up at 4 a.m.” You’re not just a go-getter; you’re a kickstarter. You get the ball rolling, you light the fire, you make the sun go up if it’s feeling a bit lazy during the holidays.

It’s people like you who build foundations, who inspire everyone with sunny energy, who move the rest of us into making the world better. After all, time is too short to spend ruminating on what’s wrong with things — you’d rather spend time brainstorming what could be done right. It’s your winning strategy to overcome every obstacle, whether you’re campaigning to save the seas, end discrimination, or support sustainable businesses (if you’re not starting your own).

There’s little that demotivates you, and you’re a master at motivating yourself. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t up for a little pick-me-upper when you need it. Give yourself a jolt of excitement with the strong taste of coffee and the smoothness of GSM Premium Gin in the ginspresso. Combine GSM Premium Gin, sugar syrup, one whole egg, and one shot of espresso in a shaker and shake; add ice and shake again. Double strain, then enjoy.

Illustration by MIKA BACANI

For the ‘fun’ intellectual: Very Berry Martini

A martini means business; after all, it’s supposed to be the king of cocktails, a category by itself. But who says you can’t inject it with a little bit of fun? You finished college, got your masters, perhaps a Ph.D. (all with flying colors), then snagged a great job —– but still you remain the life of the party. Very much like the very berry martini: respectable, but just a little bit off-kilter.

In a snap, you can go from arguing international human rights to the celebrity of Taylor Swift. Your Twitter feed? Equal parts nonsensical jokes, daily misadventures, and serious advocacy. And that’s not supposed to be weird. You’ve known all along that you should be your own, unpredictable self — smart-shaming and stereotypes be damned. What were all those years of post-graduate education for if not for endless nights of quick wit and banter?

While writing think pieces that everyone asks to share, you’re also piecing together poems in secret. Or perhaps ordering the newest book about the “Other and the fetishization of the subject” — which you find yourself explaining to friends in the next barkada reunion. Mix a very berry martini to fire up the discussions: Muddle a strawberry, blackberry, and a blueberry in a shaker, fill with ice and GSM Premium Gin, shake well, strain into martini glass and garnish with berries. That should keep you stimulated through the night.

Illustration by MIKA BACANI

For the daydreamer: Mango Paradise

Is it the weekday again? A cheerful glass of mango paradise made with GSM Premium Gin should perk you up. It’s reminiscent of the beach, the golden plaza, that amazing stay-in weekend, that retreat in the mountains … everything that isn’t your cubicle on a too-early Monday morning — kidding! You love your job, but let’s face it — you live for the weekend, and cherish the thrill of exciting things to come.

It’s not that you don’t live in the present, you just bask in the potential of things yet to be, of ideas yet to be realized, of roads you haven’t walked. You probably just graduated or you’re at a crossroads in your life, and you’re eager for all the things you have yet to do, all the places you have yet to see. Who’s in a hurry to get to the future? Not you. You’ll take your time ticking things off your ever-changing bucket list, thank you very much.

Despite its occasional drudgery, for you, life is sweet. Make it sweeter by treating yourself to a mango surprise (on a weekday, if you can manage it). In a cocktail shaker, add ice, GSM Premium Gin, fresh lime juice, and mango concentrate. Shake well. Strain a highball glass, and garnish with mango and lime slices. Did the weekend just come sooner?