3 essential tips to create the perfect cocktails at home

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There are different mixing techniques that can vary depending on the type of drink you’re mixing.

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — If you’re one to drink, you know that finding a good cocktail that captures your taste palette is an incident of luck. You may have also tried watching bartenders, wondering if you can do the same thing.

Mixology, the art and craft of mixing drinks, can be started at home. Home mixology requires basic tools, ingredients, and techniques that you can modify and develop at your own pace for your customized and ideal cocktail.

Here are three tips that will help you perfect a cocktail.

Tip 1: Basic kitchen tools can be bartending tools

In order to start mixing drinks, you’ll first need tools to create your cocktail. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need fancy equipment to start mixing. There are alternatives to your standard bartending tools that can be found in your kitchen. All you need are the basics: tumbler, shot glass, chopsticks, kitchen knife, blender, strainer, wooden spoon, and a pour spout to start your mixing.

Tip 2: Perfect the liquor to modifier ratio

When you have the tools, the next step is to get your ingredients. First, you need the base, which is the liquor. Gin, vodka, rum, and brandy are types of spirits that you can work with. Next, you’ll need to mix the base with your chosen modifier which can range from juices, fruits, soda, sugar, or other types of liquors. You can even add spices or herbs. Just remember the 1:2 ratio — that every 1 portion of liquor requires 2 portions of modifier mixer.

Tip 3: Shake, stir, or blend

There are different mixing techniques that can vary depending on the type of drink you’re mixing. The essentials include shaking, which is the most popular technique, usually done with a shaker. Stirring is done using a mixing glass while muddling and straining are used to extract as much flavor as possible from fresh modifiers. Blending and building are simple techniques, but also require mastering — just remember to have fun and be creative with it.