Create your next favorite cocktail with these 5 easy recipes

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The Frozen Mudslide is comprised of vodka, ice cream, syrup, and more. It’s essentially an adult milkshake, but with a bit of alcohol.

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — Rain or shine, there’s always time for drinks. Whether you’re staying in or hosting a small get-together, bringing in a cocktail is a good idea but it's even better if you made it yourself. Luckily, mixing drinks is no longer a tough feat — a simple run to the grocery store and you’ll have all the ingredients needed. The recipes listed below are easy and delightful, and perfect for making and serving drinks at home.

Frozen Mudslide

If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you. Best paired with burgers or pizza, it’s essentially an adult milkshake, complete with ice cream and a cherry on top. The best part is you can customize it to your liking, so it’s like concocting the perfect dessert. Just don’t let its sweetness fool you, as it is still alcoholic, after all.


45 mL Antonov Vodka

45 mL Coffee liqueur

45 mL Irish cream liqueur

3 scoops Vanilla ice cream

30 mL Sugar syrup (optional)

Whipped cream (optional)

Stemmed cherry (optional)

Chocolate syrup (optional)

1 cup Crushed ice

Strawberry Gin Fizz

If you want to lounge around the house — preferably beside a pool — then a strawberry gin fizz is the perfect companion. Whether you’re alone or with your closest friends, its classy, light, and crisp taste can be enjoyed any time of the day. Couple it with a platter of cheese and assorted cold cuts and you’re good to go.


1 pc Big strawberry

2 pcs Small strawberry

1 pc Sprig of mint leaves

1 tsp sugar, ice

45 mL GSM premium gin

90 mL Club soda or lemon soda

Guyabano Gin

Guyabano is a fruit that is substantially Filipino and is usually found mixed in various drinks. One whole bottle of GSM Blue Light Gin can make 13-15 servings — excellent for your next trip or getaway.


60 mL Guyabano juice or

2 tbsp Fresh guyabano (optional)

1 tbsp White sugar

45 mL GSM Blue Light Gin


60 mL soda water

1 Stemmed cherry


Mojito has been a staple drink. It’s refreshing and citrusy, and can be spun in different ways. It’s the perfect rum cocktail to drink on a cool night or even a hot summer afternoon. Since GSM’s Blue Mojito is already mixed, all you need to worry about is those chicken wings.


1 pc Spring mint leaves

90 mL GSM Blue Mojito

2 tsp sugar


Brandy’s Dandy (Icy’s Original Mix)

Brandy might be too intimidating for some, but if mixed right, it can also be fruity and flavorful. Ease into the sophisticated drink by adding in some fruits, and you might just develop a taste for the delectable liquor.


5-6 pcs Cubed fresh melon

60 mL Primera Light Brandy


90 mL Pomelo juice

30 mL Soda water