4 cocktail mixes to cool you down like it’s still summer

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Bring summer right back into your home with a truly invigorating tropical cocktail. Screencap from WHOLESOME MEALS, BETTER LIFE/CNN PHILIPPINES

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — Summer may be over, but with a handful of ice, some quality spirits, and fresh add-ons that pack a punch of flavor, you can bring summer right back into your home with a truly invigorating tropical cocktail.

You never know when being able to concoct your own specialty drinks might come in handy. If you’ve got the basics down, however, and you’re ready to go beyond classic martinis and margaritas, it might be time to stir it up and experiment with your cocktails: go crazy with fun tastes and textures, elevate fruity flavors, and go all-out with colors and presentation. (Even a fancy gradient that resembles the sky at dusk!) These four refreshing mixes are exactly the pick-me-up you need for when the days are long and full of possibility, and you’re missing the unhurried, free and easy vibes of summer — and the best thing is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure them out.

Vodka Sunset

Wind down and chill out thanks to the smoothness of vodka paired with a burst of orange and sweet and tart syrup. To make a Vodka Sunset, fill a glass with ice and swirl 5 ml of grenadine around slowly. Pour 45 ml of Antonov Vodka over it, then add 90 ml of fresh orange juice. Serve garnished with an orange wheel.

Cherry Fizz

For a fancy celebratory drink, a Cherry Fizz is the bright, zesty, and bubbly choice. Muddle or mash together five cherries and 45 ml of Ginebra San Miguel until you get your desired consistency and set aside. In a 12 oz glass, pour 15 ml of sugar syrup and 15 ml of lime juice and stir well. Fill the glass with ice before pouring 90 ml of soda water. To finish, float the mixture of cherries and gin on top for a pulpy, flavorful twist.

Brandy Sling

Light, fruity, and fizzy, this drink is the complete package for the brandy experience. In a 12 oz glass, pour 60 ml of pear juice and 15 ml of sugar syrup and stir well. Fill the glass with ice and pour 60 ml of Primera Light Brandy over it. Top up with 60 ml of soda water, and to finish, garnish with mint sprigs. Rim the glass with sugar before making the cocktail for a little extra kick.

Rainbow Sangria

The Rainbow Sangria is perfect for first-timers and people who don’t like to drink that often — it’s a layered cocktail that lives up to its name because it’s colorful and full of different complementary flavors. To start, take a 12 oz glass and pour 60 ml of fresh strawberry puree. Add one or two pieces of ice. Layer 60 ml of fresh kiwi puree over it, then add ice again. Add 60 ml of fresh grape puree, then ice. Finally, add 60 ml of fresh orange juice and pour 45 ml of GSM Blue Light Gin over it. Garnish with mint sprigs.


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