Cool down with these DIY cocktails

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Each cocktail is vibrant but simple and easy to recreate at home. Plus, they’re made using premium but affordable ingredients. In photo: Blue Mermaid Lemonade and Summer Pops made with GSM Blue.

In this episode of “Wholesome Meals Better Life,” acclaimed mixologist and bartender Tabitha Rice shows home viewers how to make eight unique and delicious cocktails perfect for battling the summer heat. Each cocktail is vibrant but simple and easy to recreate at home. Plus, they’re made using premium yet affordable ingredients.

To start, you will need a few important tools. The first is the Boston Shaker for mixing everything together. A tumbler with a cap on is a good alternative. Next, for measuring all of the ingredients, you will need a jigger. A shot glass or measuring spoons and cups work well too. For stirring, you’ll need a bar spoon or a chopstick. To ensure that the drinks are smooth, you will need strainers to keep the ice or stray fruit pieces from getting into the drink. And because part of the drink is the presentation, garnishes are a must. To prep them, you will need a bar knife or a regular kitchen knife. Lastly, a pour spout to make it easier to pour the syrups.

For the seven recipes, the main spirits or liquor that will be used are GSM Premium Gin, Antonov Vodka, Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue Light Gin, and Primera Light Brandy. The modifiers or mixers will be the different juices, which will work to balance out the cocktail. The golden ratio for mixing is 1 is to 2: one portion of liquor should be added with two portions of mixers.

Summer Pops

The next two cocktail creations are fun and multicolored: the Summer Pops and Blue Mermaid Lemonade. Summer Pops is a neon yellow green thanks to its key ingredient: a melon popsicle. To make it, place a melon popsicle inside the glass, following up with GSM Blue Light Gin. Using a bar spoon, mash the popsicle in order to mix it with the gin, taking care to remove the popsicle stick. Fill the glass with ice before adding the lemon lime soda and sugar syrup. Stir well before garnishing the cocktail with mint leaves and a stemmed cherry, and a straw to serve. This drink is perfect for first time drinkers.

Blue Mermaid Lemonade

The Blue Mermaid Lemonade is an ombre beauty. It begins with lemonade and sugar syrup at the bottom of a glass, stirred well. Follow up with ice before pouring in the GSM Blue Light Gin, slowly. Top the drink with a bright blue-colored sports drink, which fades into a light blue at the center, creating the mesmerizing ombre effect. Very lightly stir before garnishing with a lemon wedge and serving the cocktail with a straw.

Mango Mint Cooler and Dalandan Sunrise made with GSM Premium Gin.

Mango Mint Cooler

The first two cocktails are built using GSM Premium Gin, a world class gin that is smooth and mixes well with fruity flavors: Mango Mint Cooler and Dalandan Sunrise. The Mango Mint Cooler combines the gin with fresh mango juice, lime juice, lemon lime soda, and mint candy water into a glass filled with ice. This cocktail, which is vibrantly yellow, marries the sweetness of the mango and the citrus from the lime. After stirring well, garnish the cocktail with mint leaves and mango slices lining the rim. Serve it with a straw.

Dalandan Sunrise

The Dalandan Sunrise, starts with pouring cherry syrup into a glass before it’s filled with ice. The ingredients are then floated, or carefully layered on top of each other, beginning with the gin, followed by sugar syrup and lime juice. Slowly, pour in the dalandan juice and lemon lime soda. This refreshing cocktail is served with orange wedges, a cherry, and a cocktail umbrella as garnish, and a straw to drink.

Sunset Cosmopolitan made with Antonov Vodka.

Sunset Cosmopolitan

The Sunset Cosmopolitan is a twist on the classic cosmo cocktail. It uses Antonov Vodka as the base, which gives it that premium flavor without the hangover, so it can be enjoyed without worry. Pour the vodka, cranberry iced tea, lime juice, sugar syrup, and the secret ingredient, orange soda, into a glass with ice. After stirring well, garnish the drink with a lime wedge and a cherry. The end result should have a warm orange color, like the sunset it was named after, and have a bold aroma.

Gin Pipino made with Ginebra San Miguel.

Gin Pipino

Ginebra San Miguel, a liquor that has been part of Filipino culture for more than 187 years, is the star of the next cocktail. To make the Gin Pipino, pour the gin and cucumber soda water into a glass filled with ice. The unique selling point of this simple drink is the cucumber ribbon. It is a thinly sliced cucumber carefully placed into the glass using a bar spoon, where it swirls at the center. To further emphasize the refreshing flavors, a cucumber line decorates the edge of the glass.

Primera Tropic Temptation and Primera Mudslide made with Primera Light Brandy.

Primera Tropic Temptation

The last two cocktails spotlights the award-winning Primera Light Brandy. The brandy uses an important ingredient from Spain: Solera Gran Reserva Brandy Concentrate, which gives it the distinct and characteristic premium flavor. The color of the Primera Tropic Temptation, which has a yellow glow from the pineapple juice with touches of brown from the syrup and the brandy, is an indication of what to expect in terms of flavor. To make it, combine brandy, unsweetened pineapple juice, brown syrup, and lemon lime soda into a glass filled with ice. Garnish it with a pineapple spear and a cocktail umbrella.

Primera Mudslide

The Primera Mudslide is a cocktail with a caffeine kick, perfect for viewers who love both brandy and coffee. To start, dissolve a sachet of San Mig 3-in-1 coffee in warm water. Add a cup-full of ice into the coffee mixture to cool it, along with the brandy and chocolait. Top the indulgent mix with whipped cream for extra texture, followed by chocolate syrup swirled around the ice cream, and a cherry on top as the final garnish.