Six things to do this week of Oct. 25 to 31

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Exhibits to view, music videos to watch, and more in this week’s recommendations from the CNN Philippines Life staff. In photo: A still from the film 'Aswang' (2019), now streaming on KTX. Photo courtesy of ASWANG FILM

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines Life, Oct. 25) — This week, view a new exhibit about connection as a form of resistance, get hooked on a youth-themed K-Drama, add an award-winning documentary and other horror classics to your Halloween marathon binge-list, prepare your booklist cart, stream a new music video, and munch on some healthy chips while you’re at it.

Allan Balisi’s new exhibit “To Our Friends” at Blanc Gallery shows how connection can be a form of resistance. Photo from BLANC GALLERY/FACEBOOK

View Allan Balisi’s new exhibit at Blanc Gallery

There’s a striking image in one of the works in Allan Balisi’s new exhibit, “To Our Friends.” The painting, called “Paved with Good Intentions,” depicts a burning car — fire still raging, the object almost consumed. In the show’s writeup, Carina Santos hones in on the image: “For Balisi, it represents people’s despair and desire, and “an uncompromising rejection of the prevailing order,” which opens up the possibility of imagining another reality.” According to the artist, the image is taken from a press photo during the beginning of martial law in 1972. The image represents collective action, and witnessing, as the fire is seen from the vantage point of an open gate. This thread runs through Balisi’s works in the exhibit, how connection can be a form of resistance, shown by images that brim with “movements and moments that move people forward. Everyday.” — DON JAUCIAN

“To Our Friends” runs until Nov. 6 at Blanc Gallery. For more information and details on how to visit, send a message to Blanc Gallery’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

Watch “Love Revolution”

A youth-themed K-series is something that’s very new to me. With the deluge of K-dramas on various streaming platforms, it’s easy to think that South Korea’s TV production machinery (and it is a machinery) is mostly just churning out dramas like “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” and “Hospital Playlist.” But discovering shows like “Love Revolution” is like discovering there’s more to South Korean music than K-pop (and I know this speaks of the scope of my cultural consumption. To my defense, K-pop is really just so damn catchy you can listen to one song for days. I’m looking at you, Seventeen’s “PANG.”).

“Love Revolution” isn’t exactly a drama because the absurdist, over-the-top elements really tip the show over. This time, it’s the love interest who’s the tsundere (Wang Ja Rim, played by Lee Ruby), who’s just cold as the winds in Antarctica. The lovelorn, obsessed freak pursuing her is Gong Ju Young (played by Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon). The first half of the season is just Ju Young being a relentless high school boy trying to win over Ja Rim’s heart. He will do anything — and I mean anything to get her attention that it really looks like harassment at times. But Ja Rim sees through this facade — even with Ju Young’s darker side — and finally (of course) lets him into her world.

But this is not what makes “Love Revolution” so compulsively watchable. The supporting cast makes it so worthwhile: the boys’ hijinks (the loveable giant Byung Hoon, the clueless but reliable Kyung Min, and the practical Kyung Woo — played by The Boyz’ Younghoon who displays a good range of acting prowess) are a perfect foil to Ja Rim’s sensible friends Min Ji (Jung Da Eun), who’s in love with Kyung Woo but desperately tries to hide it, and the tough but conscientious Ah Ram (WJSN’s Im Da Young). Combined, these young fools make for a very entertaining watch that will leave you laughing until the next morning. — DJ

Stream it on iQIYI.

Watch 44th Gawad Urian Best Picture winner “Aswang” and other Pinoy horror films on KTX

When it was first released for streaming last year, it wasn’t unusual to mistake Alyx Ayn Arumpac’s 2019 documentary for a horror film. After all, the title “Aswang” and its accompanying poster alluded to the feared creature of Philippine folklore. Instead, audiences were shown a very real account of the horrors of President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly war on drugs. The film recently took home several awards at the 44th Gawad Urian Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. You can catch it from Oct. 25 to Nov. 3 on events platform KTX thanks to ACC Cinematografica Films.

ABS-CBN Film Restoration is also bringing back horror classics on KTX from Oct. 26 to 31. The lineup includes digitally remastered versions of Chito S. Roño’s “Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara,” “Feng Shui,” “Sukob," Joyce Bernal’s “Segunda Mano,” and Romy Suzara’s “Sa Init ng Apoy.” — CNN PHILIPPINES LIFE STAFF

Prices for all the films start at ₱100. Visit the to check up the full lineup of films available to stream this week.

Prepare your cart for Fully Booked’s Hauliday Sale

In the age of disinformation, it’s great that more people are reading books. According to a report, 35% more people are reading books during the pandemic. So what could be a better gift to our book-loving friends than… more books to add to their tsundoku towers. From Nov. 4 to 7, Fully Booked is going all out with their last big sale of the year — online and in-store. All branches nationwide are participating.

Deals include 15% off on d-coded books from Nov. 4 to 7 and free discount card with a minimum purchase of ₱3,000.

For Nov. 11 to 14, shoppers can snag 20% off on d-coded titles and get a free discount card with a minimum purchase of ₱3,000. — CNN PH LIFE STAFF

Check this post from Fully Booked for more details or visit their website

Stream Maymay’s “Amakabogera”

Actress Maymay Entrata has been making music since 2017 (her debut album “Maymay” is PARI-certified Platinum), but it’s only recently that she’s been venturing into creating the kind of dance-pop deserving of a music video. While I’ve always been a fan of her personality and star potential, it was the PBB alum’s dance practice for her single “‘Di Kawalan” that put her musical work on my radar.

Since then, I’d been patiently waiting for more. When I first heard her belt “Amakabogera” in the teaser for her latest single of the same name, I already knew that it would get stuck in my head for days on end. The music video for “Amakabogera” lives up to the song’s name, with its lavish sets, beauty looks, and styling all showcased through the star’s (and equally catchy) choreography. One standout look was the all-red number by Aram Loe, complemented by Owen Sarmiento’s red flower makeup look. This is only one of more upcoming releases from Maymay — expect more in the coming weeks. — GABY GLORIA

Cravewell's large bag retails for ₱149 while the small 50g bags are just ₱84 each. Photos by MARGA BUENAVENTURA

Binge watch and snack on these healthy chips

I believe that not all movie snacks suit every film genre. Watching horror or suspense goes well with a bag of chips — the munch and crunch goes well with the mounting anxiety of “Will this idiot open the old door in the haunted house and get killed???” If you’re planning a Halloween movie marathon this week, consider getting any of Cravewell’s selection of healthy chips. Using veggies like purple root and carrots, and fruits like banana and jackfruit, Cravewell’s snacks are low on calories and cholesterol-free. The best part about Cravewell chips is that they aren’t just healthy, they taste great too. Flavors like crab curry, kimchi, and tom yum make for an added layer of enjoyment to these munchies. The large bag retails for ₱149 while the small 50g bags are just ₱84 each. First movie I plan on watching? A rewatch of Ari Aster’s “Midsommar,” paired with the Cravewell Purple Root chips in tomato flavor. The bold red packaging goes great with all that wonderful, wonderful gore. —MARGA BUENAVENTURA

Cravewell snacks are available online in their Shopee and Lazada official stores, and on