WATCH: Is renting clothes the future of fashion?

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RSVP, an evening wear rental service in the Philippines, provides a cost-effective shopping experience. Photo from RSVP/FACEBOOK

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — Through the years, fast fashion has received a lot of flak for churning out cheap clothing that ultimately increases the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. Fast fashion retailers have also been flagged for inhumane working conditions and unfair pay of factory workers.

Because of these concerns, fashion consumers who have a more thoughtful approach to buying clothes are advocating for more sustainable ways to dress themselves. There are those who opt to buy most of their clothes in thrift shops while others ensure that they only purchase eco-friendly garments.

Renting clothes is another fashion trend that’s gaining traction among this market. As they recognize the fleeting characteristic of a piece of clothing, it then makes sense to rent rather than buy. It’s not only in fashion that we see this. Spotify, for instance, has also disrupted the music industry by offering streaming services instead of having consumers own a physical copy of the music they want to listen to.

If renting clothes is the future of fashion, the women behind RSVP, a luxury evening wear rental service in the Philippines, may be on the right track. The idea came about in 2016 when the founders, Maica Salud and Cara Sumabat, had a lot of events and weddings to attend to, which took too much time and money from them, only to spend on a single dress.

“There has to be a different way of doing it,” Sumabat says.

RSVP has yet to officially launch, but it has already welcomed several clients into their studio. “What's really great is we feel that clients come out of the studio with real happiness and relief that there's a place like this for them,” adds Sumabat.

The studio also works with fashion designers Martin Bautista, Sassa Jimenez, and Stacy Rodriguez to create capsule collections that they feel their clientele would respond to. In the future, Salud says that they want RSVP to not only be a space where women can look and feel good, but also be a space where women can support other women.

“We want this to grow into a community where we can connect girls with other girls,” says Salud.

Watch how the RSVP renting process works below.


For more information, visit the RSVP Facebook page.