Filipino director uses Sesame Street fandom to design Lego set

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 23) – Filipino commercial director Ivan Guerrero ventured into designing because of his love for American educational cartoon series Sesame Street, which he never knew will change his life.

Guerrero shared with CNN Philippines that he is the lead designer of the 123 Sesame Street Lego set, which will be released in the market on Nov. 1.

The 123 Sesame Street Lego set features a nostalgic look at the popular children show, bannered by Big Bird's nest and Ernie and Bert's apartment. Other famous characters like Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Elmo are also part of the set.

Guerrero's Lego set creation got around 10,000 fan votes in the Lego Review platform for it to be chosen as the one that will be sold in Lego certified stores.

"It took me a couple of months to make the set because I actually heavily researched how to build the building and I referenced several episodes, classic episodes, that people grew up with throughout the years," Guerrero told CNN Philippines' Rico Hizon on Thursday.

For a more nostalgic feeling in the Lego set, Guerrero also included some "easter eggs" and resurrected old characters like Mr. Snuffleupagus, Mr. Hooper, and Guy Smiley.

"It's like owning a piece of your childhood, you know, in physical form," he said.

The project was personal for Guerrero because of his admiration for Sesame Street, a show that he faithfully followed during his childhood.

"Sesame Street has always been one of my favorite shows," he said. "I think for a lot of creative people, they really got their start you know through the ideas and learning through Sesame Street."

Guerrero also revealed the first 100 people who will order the 123 Sesame Street design in Lego certified stores on Nov. 1 will have his signature affixed on it.