Lark offers a new way to digitize and accelerate workflows

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) - As business processes and workflows become more dependent on digital platforms due to the pandemic, there is a paradigm shift in the way people work and do business.

Working from home requires increased work productivity and performance, helping to chart and define the company's way forward amid uncertain times. To further meet work goals and accomplish more tasks in this setting, companies need the right work suite that will benefit employers and employees alike.

Lark is the newest next-generation collaboration work suite that enables teams to do their best work together. Lark features six platforms that can help promote shared work goals, teamwork, and productivity.

Lark Messenger is best suited for quick and easy work communication, while Lark Video Call offers unlimited video call minutes for up to 100 participants. Lark Docs & Storage allows everyone to edit the same file at the same time with up to 200GB of cloud storage. Lark Calendar is used for easy scheduling of tasks and meetings and Lark Mail provides a redefined e-mail experience that can be integrated with other essential work tools.

The preferred choice for businesses among the six Lark applications is Lark Workplace, where users can automate and customize their organizations' internal workflows such as approvals, reimbursements, leaves, and attendance without having to code or purchase additional software.

Lark Workplace provides professional and intelligent attendance management ability for enterprises such as daily attendance reporting with clock-ins and outs, leave filings and approvals, and overtime management. It also supports setting working days, off days, and public holidays to have flexible rules.


The Lark Workplace also lets office administrators send announcements to all employees or specific departments.

The Lark Workplace platform can also be integrated with third-party workspace applications such as Jira, Asana, and Salesforce, which can also be easily installed by employees through this work suite. The Lark app also has an Open Platform where users can build their own apps and bots.

In relation to the present times, a health monitoring app can also be created in Lark Workplace that will help companies collect and analyze information such as employees' health status, locations, and travel information. In this way, Lark is committed to minimizing the risks of the pandemic.

In this time of technological advancements and increased digital dependence, one option available is to make a switch into a digital work suite that makes workflows and business processes easier and more organized. Lark is more than just a tool for companies - it is being billed as an accelerator of growth and progress for a more advanced working environment in the country. To learn more, visit www.larksuite.comLark is available for download on Mac, PC, iOS and Android, click here.

To learn more, visit Lark is available for download on Mac, PC, iOS and Android, click here.