Sustainable developments in Filinvest City as ideal investments

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) - Filinvest City raises the bar for city planning, producing a live-work-play balance in an environment that thrives in sustainable practices amid rapid urbanization.

With its innovative, sustainable, and resilient master plan, Filinvest City serves as an ideal destination for future investors that will help pump up the country's economy even amidst the crisis.

Sustainable community well adept in the new normal

Filinvest City prides itself on an environment that fosters human connection while preserving sustainability towards a safe and healthy future.

The core of Filinvest City's master plan is its well-planned districts, where everything is within reach inside the central business district that is suitable for the live-work-play lifestyle.

Filinvest City values multi-modal mobility with its tree-lined walkways and bike lanes. E-jeeps are also available for commuters.

Access to Filinvest City is through South Station, a transport hub that connects the Alabang CBD to other parts of Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

The Spectrum district serves as the economic center that is home to businesses and upscale condominiums. Information technology and business process outsourcing companies are based in the Northgate district.

The needs of communities inside Filinvest City are met through the Civic Plaza, where hospitals and fire and police stations are located.

Residents, workers, and visitors in the CBD can stop by Westgate, a high-end retail and lifestyle center that houses restaurants, service shops, and novelty shops. The City Center is another option for shopping and dining as it is near Festival Alabang.

For those seeking to reconnect with nature, The Woods is the place to be with its green, campus-like, and relaxed setting. Far Eastern University has its Alabang campus in this "green" district. Those wanting a more exclusive atmosphere must visit The Palms, home to luxury developments like Botanika Nature Residences and The Palms Country Club.


Healthy workplaces

While work-from-home is now the norm, physical collaboration is still essential in a competitive environment.

Filinvest City responds to the need for healthy workplaces with a fast-paced environment. The Alabang CBD boasts of 14 "green" buildings that are connected to the area's District Cooling System and a greywater system, preparing them for a sustainable and safe future amidst health and environmental threats.

These innovative systems will benefit companies in reducing energy and greenhouse gas emission costs and utilizing recycled water captured on-site in a bid to eliminate the use of potable water for irrigation.

Due to these sustainable ways to help the environment while maintaining its continuing residential and commercial development, Filinvest City is the first CBD in the Philippines and the largest neighborhood development in Southeast Asia to be recognized with a LEEDv4 Gold Certification from the prestigious U.S. Green Building Council.

Combine this sustainability and the healthy work environment Filinvest City deliberately promotes and it strengthens the relationship between employees and management towards building a competitive business. Businesses that choose to thrive in Filinvest City can flourish in part because of its collaborative working environment, further encouraging productivity. Filinvest Cityzens are also able to live fit and healthy lifestyles that contribute to their work-life balance.

Taking a step forward for the safety of the Filinvest City community

Filinvest City goes the extra mile in valuing the health and safety of its community, especially in this time of health crisis. Businessmen can rest assured that the proper steps are being taken to protect everyone in the district against health hazards.

Some measures adopted are the provision of foot markers at every transit stop for physical distancing, installation of signages to remind citizens to practice minimum health standards, and daily disinfection of common areas every morning.

Security protocols are strictly implemented in the CBD, such as round-the-clock security with guards stationed in key areas, the 24/7 Emergency Response Group and Crisis Management Team equipped with state-of-the-art rescue tools, and having its own fire station. The community is also in partnership with Lifeline Rescue Philippines, a trusted private emergency response organization to complete the city's efforts in providing a safe and secure neighborhood.

A safe community inside Filinvest City enables a dynamic relationship between the residents, workers, and other stakeholders to live a rich and quality lifestyle. With its gold standard in urban planning, Filinvest City maintains its high market value in realizing a robust business sector while fostering a clean and sustainable city lifestyle.


Filinvest City's land values continue steady growth

The Alabang-based CBD showed a steady increase in land values over the years. The infrastructure landscape continues to improve as Filinvest City is now home to 104 buildings, with some 22 projects soon to be completed.

Dean Barone, sustainability consultant of Barone International, said Filinvest City is setting the bar in creating a sustainable community and eventually became the first LEED neighborhood development in Southeast Asia. He added this will be a factor in investing in the future.

"I believe that all townships should strive to become sustainable because this is the best way to pay it forward. Creating sustainable communities, like Filinvest City, is a great step forward for us," said Catherine Ilagan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Filinvest Alabalng Inc. "It's necessary, urgent especially, with the current climate crisis, and we should commit to ensuring that we leave a better world to our children."

The upward trajectory in Filinvest City's land values resulted in a compounded annual growth rate of more than 20 percent in the last 10 years, a sign that the return of investments can be maximized in building structures in the district. Properties in Filinvest City sell for ₱300,000 per square meter, appreciating from ₱230,000 per square meter last year.

Ultra high-end condominiums are at around ₱200,000 per square meter, from ₱176,000 per square meter last year. Condominiums catering to the upper-class market are available for ₱160,000 per square meter, up from ₱120,000,

Offices are sold for ₱220,000 per square meter from ₱180,000 per square meter last year. These workplaces are leased for ₱780 per square meter from ₱700 per square meter last year.

"Filinvest City's steady growth over the years has always been a testament that we are on track even before the pandemic hit. And with a greater demand for sustainable, resilient township nowadays, we project an even higher growth trajectory not just for us but for our investors as well," said Don Ubaldo, Filinvest City vice president for the township.

Owning a piece of land in Filinvest City gives investors leverage and options on what to do with its value, paired with a community that thrives on sustainable practices.

Resiliency and sustainability are the current key aspects of investing in a CBD like Filinvest City. Its ideal location, away from the busy part of Metro Manila, helps it to adapt to physical, societal, and environmental challenges.

With these developments, Filinvest City is committed to being an ideal destination for growing businesses while living at ease with the environment, at the same time doing its share in propelling the country towards a more sustainable economy.

To know more about the importance of building cities for the better normal benefiting the People, Planet, and Profit, you may watch Filinvest City's full Webinar-The Future is Here: Thriving beyond the New Normal on Facebook through this link: