Easy-to-do holiday cocktails you can enjoy at home

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Photo from Ginebra San Miguel

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — With the holidays just around the corner, San Miguel Corporation collaborated with CNN Philippines' "Wholesome Meals, Better Life" to show how to create mixes at home using readily-available ingredients in the kitchen or common Christmas ingredients. Acclaimed mixologist and bartender Tabitha Rice helped whipped these cocktails that remind us that one does not have to go farther from their home to have a safe and great time with loved ones.

Rice shared these three tips, “First, find kitchen materials that you can use as an alternative in preparing the drinks. Two, buy spirits of your choice that fits your budget. And finally, just enjoy and go with the flow!”

The importance of using special and high-quality ingredients in holiday mixing is evident in her first batch of cocktails: The Rudolph’s Boozy Mocha and Jingle Bell on the Rocks made with the world-class GSM Premium Gin, and Santa’s Sangria made with Antonov Vodka.

The Rudolph’s Boozy Mocha, as the name suggests, is inspired by Santa’s red-nosed reindeer. Right off the bat, you’ll be welcomed by the sweet mix of coffee and chocolate syrup. Then, there’s that smooth aroma from the GSM Premium Gin.

Jingle Bell on the Rocks, meanwhile, features the fruity flavors of cherry berries juice, peach syrup, and lemon soda, also mixed with the high-quality gin that does not hurt your wallet. GSM Premium Gin only costs ₱171.00 per 750ml bottle and you can easily grab one from convenience stores, supermarkets, or groceries near you.

If you want to enjoy bold flavors on a budget, you can whip Santa’s Sangria made with Antonov Vodka, a fruity concoction usually served during summertime but could be enjoyed as well during this festive season.

The premium local vodka without the hangover, Antonov Vodka’s aroma could easily spark your senses. You can avail Antonov Vodka for only ₱176 per 700ml bottle from convenience stores, supermarkets, or groceries near you.

These home mixes prove that the holidays are merrier when you have the right drinks in store.

Apart from choosing the best ingredients, Rice also shared her trick of following the “1:2 ratio”. This means one portion of liquor or the spirit should be added with two portions of modifiers or mixers to achieve a balanced taste. The mixers refer to the sweet juices, along with the garnish and ice.

A case in point is the Santa’s Secret Red Drink Made Extra Special with Ginebra San Miguel, where the cooling effect of the candies gives a nice surprise but it is not overpowering because of the balance of the lemon soda. Then, there's that the right kick of Ginebra San Miguel which has been a staple of Filipino families for generations.

The Frozen Mistletoe Made Easy with GSM Blue Light Gin likewise achieves this harmony of tastes. It has that milky yet earthy flavor coming from the matcha while GSM Blue Light Gin makes the aroma smooth and inviting.

The two mixes are best paired with Crispy Lechon Belly. You can enjoy Ginebra San Miguel in different sizes. Ginebra San Miguel Round a.k.a. “Bilog” 350ml costs ₱54, Ginebra San Miguel Frasco a.k.a. “Kwatro Kantos” 700ml for ₱106.50, Ginebra San Miguel Frasquito 350ml for ₱55, Ginebra San Miguel Angelito 250ml for ₱41.50, and Ginebra San Miguel Hari 1L for ₱147.

For a smooth night with the whole barkada, you can grab your GSM Blue Light Gin 700ml for ₱104. If you’re going solo, you can have the GSM Blue Light Gin 350ml for only ₱56.50.

These holiday mixes will surely lift your “Bagong Tapang” spirits and let you have a "Ganadong Pasko" with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Finally, learn how to concoct sweet holiday mixes that are bang for the buck with Primera Light Brandy, a fine-tasting brandy that will lift your Christmas spirits and will turn every moment more special with barkada and your loved ones.

The Quick Primera Eggnog harmonizes the strong aroma of Primera Light Brandy with its milky flavor. There's also the Primera Warm Winter Punch which is a fruity version of a holiday cocktail.

These holiday mixes made with Primera Light Brandy are best enjoyed with Primerafied Lechon Baka (Roasted Beef) with Primerafied Sauce. The recipe of this pulutan also includes Primera Light brandy. The recommended ratio is 1:5 – simply add one cup of Primera Light Brandy to four cups of your preferred sauce.

That’s how flexible this brandy is, it also goes well with your recipe! You can get Primera Light Brandy for only ₱106.50 per 750ml.

After all your hard work the past year, make this season more meaningful by mixing holiday drinks that will uplift your spirit.