Out-of-the-box ideas for your next beer calls at home or online

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Photo from San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Thinking of new ways to bond over bottles of beer with friends and family at home or online? Don't worry, we got you covered on how to enjoy a beer call, pandemic-friendly.

Truth or Drink

Photo from San Miguel Pale Pilsen

If you're stuck with your roomies, but haven't really quite gotten to know each other yet, you could go old school with "Truth or Drink". This time we are doing away with the "Dare" part and instead, we are pulling out truths from the participants. Whenever someone refuses to answer a tough question, he has to drink from his bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

Low-cost cosplay contest

Photo from Piyato/Shutterstock.com

Have all members of your household dress up as their favorite animé, superhero, or video game character. But the catch is they can only use household items like tissues, curtains, spatulas, and water dipper for some LOLs. Include a Q&A portion where a contestant should take a drink from his bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen after every sentence in his or her answer.

Power Hour and Chill

Photo from Pexels

For our lockdown version of "Power Hour," watch a horror movie on Netflix and everyone has to drink from his bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen whenever someone screams or gets surprised by shocking scenes.

Lockdown Debut

Photo from Pexels

If someone is turning 18 at home, immortalize the entry to adulthood by giving that person his or her first taste of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Take a picture of the birthday celebrant with other non-minor members of the family holding and drinking their favorite drinks.

Stock up on the best beer in town

What's a beer call without San Miguel Pale Pilsen, right? You don't have to go far from your homes because San Miguel Pale Pilsen is available at your nearby sari-sari store or supermarkets. You can also have beers delivered straight to your doorstep via smbdelivers.com or ring 8-632-BEER. Truly, we can say, "Kahit Kailan, Walang Iwanan" with San Miguel Pale Pilsen.