‘Refriendship’ goals: reconnecting with friends during lockdown

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Photo from Prostock-studio/Shutterstock.com

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — “No man is an island,” as the old adage goes. But stay-at-home orders might have given each of us islands, both in a physical and mental sense. During these tough times, we all need a strong support system. We all need our friends.

Good thing we don't necessarily have to write SOS on the sand. Thanks to technology, we can easily connect with pals online and begin achieving “refriendship” goals.

Online Karaoke on Twitter Spaces

Photo from Yalcin Sonat/Shutterstock.com

Twitter Spaces are not only for debates and serious stuff. Live audio conversations on Twitter can transform into an online karaoke. In fact, some music sessions have used Twitter Spaces to raise funds for community pantries and victims needing medical support. One would need two gadgets: a Youtube tab that's open on the laptop for minus one and a phone for Twitter Space.

Game Night on Discord

Photo from Konstantin Savusia/Shutterstock.com

For those who miss playing games with their friends, they can use the Discord platform to play video games via share screen or compete in simple bot games on Discord like chess and PokeMeow. Just remember that it’s not all about winning but reigniting fun times with friends.

Household Cosplay Contest on Streamyard

Photo from Only_NewPhoto/Shutterstock.com

Plan a funny and quirky cosplay competition among your geek friends via Streamyard. The catch is all costumes must be made from household items like spatulas, curtains, and bathroom tissues. Use Streamyard to broadcast it on Facebook so those who did not join would be encouraged to make up to the barkada next time.

Play games with friends on Kumu

Photo from Postmodern Studio/Shutterstock.com

If you had taken a rain check on barkada hangouts at the last minute, then it’s time to make up to them on Kumu. You can either organize a livestream event with your friends or join Kumu events that host games like what San Miguel Flavored Beer held during the days leading to Friendship Day in July.

San Miguel Flavored Beer hosted an online musical event Beerkada Dare Night on July 23.

It had Kumunizens wore their thinking cap at Quiz Night last July 30, on Friendship Day itself, while spectators sent gifts like virtual Halo-Halo and chips. ICYMI, here’s a snippet of the Kumu party!

Whichever platform you use to kick off your “refriendship” during the lockdown, make sure to stock up on the new San Miguel Flavored Beer to lighten up the mood. Quirky and imaginatively unique, San Miguel Flavored Beer comes in three exciting fruit flavors – apple, lemon, and lychee. Enjoy a fruity twist to the refreshing qualities of beer. Buy San Miguel Flavored Beer from your nearest sari-sari store, Boozy, SMB Delivers, or call 8632-BEER. Don’t forget to follow San Miguel Flavored Beer on Facebook for news and updates.