Be a superhero by taking a bath twice a day!

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Photo from Safeguard

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — These days, no one is sure when the enemy, the coronavirus, will attack. It can infect anyone from your family, friends, and even you.

While vaccines are now available, there is still a small possibility for breakthrough infections from occurring. And the only thing you can do is to add another "shield" of protection from the common enemy.

Worry no more because your hygiene partner P&G teamed up with the Department of Health to introduce Bathman. He is here to remind Filipinos they can be heroes, and their best weapon isn't Thor's Mjollnir or Captain America's shield.

It's as simple as taking a bath twice a day!

Gone are the days when you can just lie in bed after arriving home from a long day at work.

Bathman is here to emphasize that nothing is more important than a change in bathing behavior - "maligo two times, pag-alis at pag-uwi" - to protect your household from germs and viruses you possibly picked up outside home.

While showering generally makes you feel fresh and clean and also has its other health benefits - like ease muscle pains, increase blood flow, and lessen fatigue - doing so mainly removes all the bacteria you may have accumulated outside.

Effectively, this is the first step in protecting you and your family from germs and viruses, helping prevent any infection.

The next question now is what is the most effective hygiene buddy we should have?

Well, Bathman has the answer, and that is your household's long-time partner: Safeguard.

Committed to helping protect you from disease-causing germs, Safeguard has the Infinishield Technology that helps slow down the regrowth of germs, bacteria, and fungi.

Specifically, Infinishield is the active ingredient that makes Safeguard effective in inhibiting the growth of germs after every bath. This leaves behind particles that create a 24-hour protective shield against such harmful germs.

To make things more effective, daily baths are also best paired with Head & Shoulders products.

These are clinically proven to fight germs on the scalp and prevent dandruff from coming back while leaving hair beautiful and dandruff-free.

Bathman recommends you use Head & Shoulders Antibac. Powered by Safeguard, this effectively cleanses the scalp and fights germs, giving you up to 100% dandruff and itch protection.

Head & Shoulders Antibac also has scalp and hair nourishers that help keep them moisturized and healthy.

Protecting you and your family from any virus or germs start in you. And this starts by changing your bathing behavior.

Remember, a simple bath now may change you and your family's tomorrow.

Check out Safeguard Philippines' Facebook page for more health tips and get a hold of your hygiene partner Safeguard now through P&G's flagship store on Lazada and Shopee!