Trust in Duterte remains 'excellent' in first quarter of 2017

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(File photo) President Rodrigo Duterte

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 8) — President Rodrigo Duterte maintains his "excellent" trust rating as he nears the end of his first year in office, with eight out of 10 Filipinos saying they trust the President, a Social Weather Stations survey said.

The First Quarter 2017 Social Weather Survey released on their website late Saturday revealed 80 percent of adult Filipinos had "much trust" in Duterte, while 11 percent were undecided and 10 percent had "little trust" in him.

Duterte was given a net trust rating of +70. This was two points lower than his +72 rating in December 2016, but still "excellent" according to SWS.

Net trust ratings are based on the difference between the percentage of respondents who trust the President and those who have little trust in him.

The survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults nationwide on March 25-28, 2017. This was after an impeachment complaint against President Duterte was filed against him in the lower house by a congressman on March 16, and after a controversial video by Vice President Leni Robredo also that month attacking Duterte's war on drugs which was shown in a smaller event in the sidelines of a United Nations conference on narcotics.

Duterte also received "excellent" ratings from respondents in economic classes A,B and C, where his ratings shot up 16 points from +59 in December 2016 to +75 in March 2017.

Perceptions of trust remained relatively same in class D, albeit increasing 2 points from +71 to +73, while it went down by eight points in members of class E, falling to a "very good" rating of +64 from its "excellent" rating in December 2017.

Duterte has garnered an "excellent" rating for four consecutive quarters, although his ratings have slipped since it first climbed from a "moderate" +28 rating in May 2016 to an "excellent" +79 in June 2016.

Trust in Duterte was shown to have increased in Metro Manila, where Duterte received an "excellent" net trust rating of +74-- nine points higher than his "very good" rating in December 2016.

Ratings in Mindanao also went up four points, rising to +89 in March from +85 in December. It declined in Visayas in Balance Luzon by six points, falling to +63 in both regions.

Duterte remains highly trusted in urban areas, where he was given an "excellent" trust rating of +72. However, the President went down one grade from "excellent" to "very good" in rural areas after his trust ratings dropped three points from +71 in December to +68 in March.

Duterte's net trust rating was "excellent" among men, and "very good" among women.

Trust in the President was "excellent" among all adult age groups, except those 55 and older, which game him a "very good" rating of +60.

Duterte also received an "excellent" net trust rating from college and high school graduates. Trust ratings among elementary and non-elementary graduates, meanwhile, were "very good," although they slipped down by four and six points to +64 and +59, respectively.

Prior to taking office, Duterte received "moderate" trust ratings in the December 2015, January 2016 and March 2016 surveys.

His ratings rose to "good" in April 2016 before sliding down to moderate again before the May 2016 elections, but have remained consistently "excellent" since he assumed office in June.

Satisfaction with Duterte's performance as President was higher among those who trusted him.

Duterte received a +75 or "excellent" net satisfaction rating among those with "much trust" in him, +36 or "good" from those who were undecided, and a -9 or "neutral" rating for those with "little trust" in the President.

The parameters for SWS Net Trust and Net Satisfaction ratings are +70 and above for "excellent," +50 to +69 for "very good," +30 to +49 for "good, +10 to +29 for "moderate," +9 to -9 for "neutral," -10 to -29 for "poor," -30 to -49 for "bad," -50 to -69 for "very bad," and -70 and below for "execrable".

It has sampling error margins of ±3 percent for national percentages and ±6 percent for Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.