Understanding the new MMDA fines vs. illegal parking

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A traffic enforcer of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 7) — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) responded to questions on its intensified crackdown against illegal parking and higher fines on violators.

Speaking to MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago, CNN Philippines learned what instances could be considered illegal parking and what violators would face.

Here are some of the questions we asked:

Will I be issued a ticket if my vehicle was on hazard mode and I was inside the vehicle?

All vehicles parked on the road, whether on hazard mode or not, will be sanctioned for illegal parking. For vehicles on hazard mode with the driver inside, the violator will be fined ₱1,000 from the previous ₱200 for what is called 'attended illegal parking.'

For vehicles on hazard mode without a driver inside, the fine is ₱2,000 from P500 for 'unattended illegal parking.'

Pialago said the hazard mode is a common misconception and argument among drivers issued tickets for illegal parking.

"Ang waiting, ang misconception po na parang naka-hazard ako, nandito yung driver sa loob, hindi ka illegal parking, illegal parking ka, attended nga lang," she said.

[Translation: The misconception for waiting and being on hazard mode with the driver inside is it's not illegal parking. We clarify that it is a case of attended illegal parking.]

However, vehicles on hazard mode without drivers will have an opportunity to pay a lesser fine, Pialago said.

The MMDA enforcers wil honk their horns three times alerting the driver to return to the vehicle. After one minute, the MMDA personnel will repeat the procedure. If the driver fails to return to his vehicle after the last three horns, the driver will be issued a ticket for unattended illegal parking with a fine of ₱2,000 fine.

Should the driver return on time, the fine will only be ₱1,000.

Can I pay the fine to the MMDA personnel who issued the ticket?

The fine may be settled at any Bayad Center or at the MMDA office along EDSA corner Orense St., Guadalupe, Makati City.

Can I avoid being given a ticket if I move my vehicle?

The driver will be issued a ticket regardless even if the person moves the vehicle from its parking space.

"Pag nahuli ang inyong sasakayan na may driver, hindi ibig sabihin na iaalis niyo na lang ng bigla yung sasakyan, kailangan talaga kayong maiysuhan ng ticket," Pialago said.

[Translation: If you were caught with your driver still inside, it doesn't mean that you could just move the vehicle to avoid being sanctioned. You still have to be issued a ticket.]

How many times can I be issued a ticket for illegal parking?

A violator can receive two tickets for separate violations per day with a three-hour interval. The vehicle will be towed on the third offense.

In addition to illegal parking, violators will be charged with obstructing the road which has a fine of ₱1,000.

The higher illegal parking fines took effect 8 a.m. On January 7. As of 10:30 a.m., MMDA personnel have fined over 20 violators, Pialago said.

Other fines were raised, including ₱1,000 from ₱500 for public utility buses that violate the "yellow lane rule" on EDSA by leaving their designated lane, while motorists who obstruct roads will now pay ₱1,000 from ₱150.