Palace: Accusations vs. Paolo Duterte all 'black propaganda'

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 4) — Malacañang dismissed allegations that Presidential son Paolo "Pulong" Duterte received payoffs from a drug personality.

Presidential Spokesperson Sal Panelo said in a message Wednesday, "Obviously a black propaganda."

A six-minute video uploaded on social media on Monday called "Ang Totoong Narco List [The Real Narco List] - Episode 1" featured a person called "Bikoy." The video that went viral is unclear if "Bikoy" is male or female.

Bikoy disclosed having previously worked for a "big drug syndicate" in Southern Tagalog and Visayan region, and recorded how much money would go to each member.

Bikoy added there are documents to back up the claim, unlike President Rodrigo Duterte's narco list which this person said is unverfied.

"Ang mga dokumentong ipapakita ko sa inyo ay galing sa operations ng sindikato. Kaya tinitiyak ko sa inyo na ang mga personalities na ibubunyag ko ay ang mga totoong big time drug operators sa bansa natin ngayon," Bikoy said in the video.

[Translation: The documents I am about to show you are from the syndicate's operations. I assure you that the personalities I will name are the big time drug operators in our country.]

While Bikoy spoke at the beginning of a video, another voice narrated the rest.

The document revealed in the video is called the TARA, an "internal document" of the alleged syndicate. In it is a list of monthly allocations for each of the syndicate's principals - their code names, bank account numbers, and the amount to be deposited to the accounts.

"Bikoy has the complete TARA records since 2010," the video said.

The video showed two code names for a principal - POLODELTA-TSG01 and ALPHA TIERRA-0029.

"Sa code name pa lang ay mahuhulaan niyo na siguro kung sino siya, dahil malapit sa initials ng tunay niyang pangalan." the video said.

[Translation: From the code name alone, you can make a pretty good guess based on the initials because it's close to his real name.]

The younger Duterte, who is running as the 1st District representative of Davao City's in the May elections, answered the allegations in a social media post.

"POLO DELTA - PAOLO DUTERTE? Wow ha kung makaimbento ka wagas. Galit ka kay Waldo kasi binabara niya lahat ng smuggling mo ng bigas at asukal diba J.S. Galit ka sa akin kasi di kita pinansin sa eroplano kasi hambog ka! Ngayon pansinin na kita kasama ng kamay ko na kasing laki ng mukha mo pag nangyari yan. Yan ang totoong balita. Ang Dragon code ko pala ay 'PD 92112' 'o yan research ka ulit! PAK YOU GINAYA MO PA SI TRILILLING HA! Pag lolo nalang dong sunda imo idol nga bayot nga si J.P.," he said.

[Translation: POLO DELTA - PAOLO DUTERTE. Wow, you invented some story. You're angry at Waldo because he's barring all your sugar smuggling activities, right J.S. You're mad at me because I didn't acknowlege you on the plane because you're a braggart. Now I'm paying attention to you along with my hand that's as big as your face when that happens. That's the real story. And it seems that my Dragon code is 'Pd 92112' Do more research! F**k you, you even imitated TRILILLING. Why don't you just jack off like your gay idol J.P.]

"Waldo" refers to Waldo Carpio, who was also named in the video.

Carpio is the brother of Mans Carpio, who is the husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

The video also identified Waldo Carpio as an Undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture.

This is not the first time the younger Duterte's name has been linked to illegal activities.

In 2017, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV accused him of being involved in an organized crime syndicate, claiming there was a tattoo on his back to prove it.

When asked to show proof of the tattoo during a Senate hearing, Duterte invoked his right to privacy.

Co-accused with Duterte was Mans Carpio.

The Ombudsman cleared both in 2018.

CNN Philippines is reaching out to Waldo Carpio to get his comment on the issue.