Duterte cracks rape jokes in PMA graduation rites

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 26) —  In the middle of pardoning underclassmen of the Philippine Military Academy during their graduation rites Sunday, President Rodrigo Duterte threw in a joke that the cadets were being pardoned for cases such as rape and drug use.

After his speech in Baguio City, he was approached by his aide who handed over a folder which contained a document freeing the cadets from punishment -- a yearly tradition in the military school.

"I, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of the Republic of the Philippines and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines -- ano ba kasalanan ninyo? Okey lang. Mga kasalanan niyo, okey lang [what wrong things did you do? It's okay ] -- hereby pardon all outstanding punishments for the underclassmen 2CL, 3CL, and 4CL of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines," the President said.

He then asked the underclassmen who committed the violations. When no one came to the fore, the President said, "Para ring pulis ha. Natuto na kayo sa pulis, ayaw mag-admita [You are like the police. You’ve learned from the police not to confess],” he said.

While signing the pardon, Duterte cracked jokes on the cadets' supposed cases.

"The number one is for rape. P*******a. Ang number two is drugs with rape with robbery. Para sa Muntinlupa 'to. Pangatlo, multiple rape of the women of Baguio, the beautiful ones," he said.

[Translation: The number one is rape. Son of a b***h. Number two is drugs with rape with robbery. This one is for Muntinlupa. Third, multiple rape of the women of Baguio, the beautiful ones.]

The graduating batch of cadets, whose valedictorian is a female Ilocos Native, laughed at the rape jokes.

Duterte also said he will let these violations slide since there is a need for "good and capable" soldiers.

“Well, anyway I’ll pass you this time because I need good and capable soldiers and I know that one or two is bound to happen. Pero patawarin ko kayo [I will forgive you],” he said.

The President is not a stranger to vulgar remarks against women. His jokes against women first gained notoriety in 2016, when he cracked the controversial "Dapat mauna ang mayor" rape joke about a detained Australian missionary.