DA hikes SRP for agri commodities sold in Metro Manila

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 27) — The Department of Agriculture increased the suggested retail price for selected agricultural commodities sold in Metro Manila as Filipinos still try to recover from the string of the typhoons that hit the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

DA chief William Dar signed Administrative Circular no. 17 on Nov. 26 that sets the new SRP for rice, livestock and poultry, fish, lowland and highland vegetables, fruits, spices, and other basic items. This will be implemented in all wet markets in the region for two months, or until a new circular is issued.

Under the new list, the price of ampalaya has been adjusted to ₱120 from ₱80 per kilo; sitaw to ₱100 from ₱80 a kilo; and eggplant to ₱100 from ₱60 per kilo. Meanwhile, the SRP of pechay is still ₱80 per kilo, squash still at ₱30 per kilo, and tomato at ₱100 per kilo.

As for scorpio cabbage, it should now be sold at ₱70 from ₱60 per kilo; Baguio beans at ₱130 from ₱100 per kilo; pechay Baguio at ₱80 from ₱60 per kilo; and chayote to ₱40 from ₱30 a kilo. On the other hand, prices of carrots and white potato remained at ₱80 and ₱70 per kilo, respectively.

The SRP for local special rice was also adjusted to ₱50 from ₱53 per kilo, but the premium and well milled variants remained at ₱45 and ₱40 per kilo, each.

For imported rice, special premium should be sold at ₱45 from ₱43 per kilo, and well-milled at ₱36 from ₱38 per kilo. Imported special rice remained a ₱52 per kilo.

For livestock and poultry products, the SRP of pork liempo and whole chicken were adjusted to ₱290 (from ₱280 per kilo) and ₱140 (from ₱130 per kilo), respectively. Price of beef rump remained at ₱380 per kilo; beef brisket at ₱300 per kilo; pork pigue and kasim at ₱260 a kilo; and chicken egg at ₱6.5 per piece.

Meanwhile, the price of imported galunggong was adjusted to ₱140 from ₱180 a kilo, bangus to ₱160 from ₱169 a kilo, tilapia at ₱120 a kilo, and alumahan at ₱250 a kilo.

As for selected fruits, the price of calamansi was set at ₱50 per kilo; banana (lakatan) at ₱90 per kilo; banana (latundan) at ₱70 per kilo; papaya at ₱60 per kilo; and mango (Carabao) at ₱150 per kilo.

The SRP for some spices was also adjusted with the price of red onion increased to ₱160 from ₱100 per kilo, and imported garlic down to ₱90 from ₱100 per kilo.

Imported red onion remained at ₱120 per kilo, imported white onion at ₱100 a kilo, and ginger at ₱160 per kilo.

For other commodities, sugar variants refined, washed, and brown remained at ₱50 per kilo, ₱45 per kilo, and ₱45 per kilo, respectively. Cooking oil also remained at ₱25 for 350 ml and ₱50 for one liter.